Talent resources

talent strategy
The leapfrog development of the blue river is the photoelectric joint efforts of all the people of the blue river, the company has always been adhering to staff as the most precious wealth and the first resource companies in talent selection, use, education, keep and formed a unique talent mechanism, construct the occupation development channel, open competitive salary incentive more the level of training system, human culture, employee care organization, to provide a comprehensive development of individual employees to the stage show, build the best labor harmonious relationship between enterprises.

The concept of talent
Talent concept: moral priority, job matching, competition and teamwork
With the policy: cause to keep people, keep people, keep people, keep people feeling treatment

Occupation development
Blue River integrated photoelectric professional LED lighting application, research and development, production and sales, engineering and service as one of the lighting business, enterprise deployment mechanism through occasional internal recruitment, transfer, exchange, recommend learning staff, according to personal ability and willingness to work to help the employee occupation career planning, occupation development cross professional, cross level for employee growth channel.

Salary incentive
Blue river photoelectric compensation incentive mechanism to staff achievements and share "concept. Innovation vitality, competitive salary and welfare system, allowing employees to share the fruits of the development of the company, and establishes a dynamic adjustment mechanism of employee salary and job performance of KPI linkage, variable bonus system to implement the outstanding achievement orientation, and performance appraisal linked to the. Blue river photoelectric continuously explore new assessment mode, quality assessment and performance evaluation results of both, all employees regardless of level, right and responsibility sharing, rewards and punishments, be equal.

Training system
Blue river photoelectric have hierarchical training curriculum system, improve teaching management system and training evaluation system, the integration of internal and external training resources. The new employee training, occupation training, management skills system of reserve personnel selection and training, high-level cadres training and other projects, for employees to build a comprehensive talent development platform, the realization of the introduction of talent, training, development, selection and appointment of covering all aspects of the whole Party A.

Employee care
Blue river photoelectric established human life care and job security mechanism, the irregular organization of various forms of employee association, birthday Party, staff travel, team development theme activities, enrich the staff's cultural life.

Recruitment system
The main way of social recruitment is also blue river photoelectric attracting mature elite talent, talent introduction in recent years to open up channels and gradually developed, targeted introduction of policies to actively explore overseas talent introduction and reserve model, increasing international efforts to bring talent, attracted with blue river photoelectric enterprise culture elite talents to join the cause of the blue river.

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