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With the rapid development of China's economy, the contradiction between economic sustainable development and energy and environmental protection have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, local governments have invested a lot of energy and resources in the comprehensive management of the environment, energy saving and emission reduction. According to the national low carbon economy policies, to speed up the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as a pointer, to improve China's low carbon and ecological economy development level, relying on high technology, low energy LED, solar energy products, to create a professional low carbon and ecological economy environment, promote low-carbon energy-saving products to promote to thousands of households, the rapid and healthy economic sustainable development.

Authoritative survey shows that in 2006 China's LED value is 14 billion yuan, the scale of 2008 market reached 54 billion yuan, is expected to 2010, the domestic LED industry scale will exceed 100 billion yuan, the market size of $25 billion 400 million, lighting, lighting equipment, equipment market size of $106 billion 600 million. In 2010 Chinese LED lighting industry is facing a hitherto unknown policy opportunity, space technology upgrade than expected, the huge market potential, development prospects.

According to the China Lighting Industry Association statistics, in 2010 the total output value of the Chinese lighting market more than 300 billion yuan, LED energy-saving lighting products increased significantly. Family, enterprises, organs, schools, hospitals, office buildings, streets, squares and other lighting will be fully updated, LED market demand will be a trend which cannot be halted blowout, wealth trends. LED energy-saving products of high technology content, is worthy of the name of the blue ocean project, its operating profit is much higher than the traditional lighting industry and household appliances industry.

Join the advantages of cooperation

Cooperation mode: the local area to join the cooperative, easy Denver market to avoid vicious competition.

Price policy: a unified market retail price, price, price of engineering agent, strictly control the price ladder system, guarantee the franchisee's profit margin.

Operation mode: by the company to develop the market, the franchisee can only do local services and actively cooperate with the company to develop the market, you can easily get profit.

Design: support project lighting design team can help the franchisee to design a professional lighting solution.

Technical service: technical training throughout the year to provide free technical services and new products.

Promotional support: comprehensive network promotion, company website and the media channel will show the franchisee synchronization information, help promote.

Material support: give a full set of promotional materials and advertising materials.

Engineering support: provided free of charge to undertake a series of bidding project involves the certificate file for agents.

Storefront design: free store and door, showcase, exhibition wall design.

Documents: free provide the relevant certificate, a full set of documents, inspection report.

By the end of the rebate rebate policy: enjoy preferential support.

Market support: marketing guide and professional marketing manager of a full set of market specific guidance.

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