Engineering support
  • Production of lighting solutions

    A strong technical team, support, solve all kinds of problems and application of products.

    Two, deepen the drawings, to provide the best intelligent lighting solutions.

  • Project site guidance

    A, with lighting construction qualification, can arrange technical personnel on-site installation guide, to ensure the construction progress and construction quality.

    Two, to provide installation and acceptance of performance appraisal, product correct and sufficient technical service and training.

  • Handling customer complaints and suggestions

    A 24 hour, 400 telephone service.

    Two, meet the product quality problems, to respond within 48 hours.

    Three, the warranty period, the damage caused by quality problems, responsible for maintenance and replacement etc.

  • Project quality tracking

    A regular visit, understand the engineering later.

    Two, the timely discovery and help solve all kinds of problems in use.

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