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LED Module 50W

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Product introduction:
1. The light source adopts the original imported high-quality chip, ultra-high light efficiency, and the overall lighting efficiency is greater than 120lm/W.
2. Various optics, which can be flexibly applied in various lighting fields.
3. The lens is made of high quality PC material, with stable performance and light transmittance up to 92%.
4.PCB adopts imported high quality superconducting aluminum base plate, which can efficiently ensure the heat transfer of LED chip.
4.IP68 protection level, avoid moisture or harmful gas erosion of chip and circuit board.
6. Quick installation, easy maintenance and easy replacement. You only need a screwdriver to achieve the purpose of installation and replacement.

Product application: mainly used in road, factory, school, garden, residential district, courtyard and other road lighting, landscape lighting, tunnel lighting.

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LED Module 50W
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