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LED wall light 36W

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This product is a structural waterproof wall washing lamp developed by our company with many advanced design concepts
● heat dissipation and waterproof integrated structure, novel structure without resin sealing, compared with similar products in the market thermal conductivity up to 60~80%, fully protect LED
Heat dissipation requirement, lower light decay rate, longer quality and reliable life
● the whole structure sealing and waterproof design, special high elastic silicone sealing material, sealing ring adopts imported aging resistant rubber material, the waterproof grade can reach IP67
● high quality aluminum profile lamp body is selected, the surface is anodized, impact resistant high-strength tempered glass, to ensure the durable appearance of the product as bright as new
● the simple and flexible installation bracket can adjust the lighting Angle arbitrarily according to the site conditions, making the LED lighting Angle more accurate and the light color more plump
● professional optical design with efficient optical lens, combined with the principle of refraction design light transmittance can reach 90%, can customize a variety of light distribution Angle, light efficiency
More uniform lighting, more realistic colors
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